Andy Poon, artista gráfico e colaborador do CW Network, divulgou uma nova arte conceitual do uniforme do Batman que aparece na série da Batwoman.

Happy 2020! As i said in my previous post, one of the highlights of 2019 was actually joining the Bat family. Thank you again to costume designer Maya Mani for bringing me on to work on the cape crusader himself. Here is a cropped version of the Batman suit concept which in the story of @cwbatwoman is the base of Kate’s Batwoman suit designed by @colleenatwoodofficial . More to come as we get closer to the return of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Also thank you to my pal @mikekalinowski for lending me his handsome face as Bruce. @dccomics @cwbatwoman @thecw #batman#darkknight #capecrusader #brucewayne #gotham #batsuit #bucketlist#batfamily #concept #illustration #design #costume

Batwoman conta com Ruby Rose no papel principal, e já foi oficialmente renovada para segunda temporada.